Funnel Contemporary Art | About Us
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The Artists Association “FUNNEL” is a platform which connects visual artists from South and South-Eastern Europe. The common aim of its actors is to create a micro-artistic-space with a tendency of growing, to evalu-ate all tendencies that regard contemporary art, to articulate them and to gather them in one artistic group with common activities.


The principal motif for creating this platform is an awareness that by connecting the artists we will actually increase their potential, quality and conciousness. The necessity for common actions is a resault of consider-ation that only a group of people has enough energy to promote ideas of contemporary art. Even the di erent poetics within the group could inevitably strengthen each other.


Exchanging experiences and ideas, realization of common exhibitions, workshops, lectures about contempo-rary art, etc. are only a part of a project of this platform. Generally speaking, on one hand it’s all about raising consciousness that regards contemporary art in the environment where this art has been applied. On the other hand, it’s about a very pragmatic e ect of involving that kind of art in the real life of environment. That is, actually, an engaged approach of artists within a society where they perform.


The platform represents a synthesis of artistic and social acts in order to consolidate and rea rm contempo-rary art. Di erent forms of activities are just di erent mechanisms of the acts. Those mechanisms are always new, creative and socially responsible and their ultimate goal is to consolidate contemporary visual arts into social environment where they have been created.


The group of artists gathered around the platform is followed by all categories of activists, rst of all by young curators, that have an opportunity to realize their own authorship in the immediate contact with a practical work in a sector of contemporary art, becoming a crucial component of this idea within a context of art theory.